Life Begins at 40

In 1979, JL wrote some songs or part of them, solo, with guitar, recording them on a cassette.
As we know, these works weren’t included in any record.

In the case of Life Begins at 40, a beautiful Country-Western song, John had only composed a pair of stanzas as the central idea for its structure.

Thirty two years later, Estefy Lennon, in Buenos Aires, has chosen this song to respectfully dare to record it as she thinks Lennon would have done it alive…

Together with Vasco Urionagüena, we feel John would have composed a bridge, a stanza and even added a solo to give the song a definite structure. So, we have taken the humble task to add these parts and we are happy of the result.

  John Lennon
  Lyrics: Estefy Lennon & Vasco Urionagüena
Music: Vasco Urionagüena
  Estefy Lennon: Guitar and vocals
Nicolás Bereciartúa: Dobro and guitar
Víctor Doyhenart: Bass
Javier Weintrib: Violin
Vasco Urionagüena:Drums
  Vasco Hegoburu at Estudios Tónica
  Vasco Hegoburu & Vasco Urionagüena
  Toto Strapovara